Having a vagina is now cheaper

Our Union is ahead of the game, with an announcement that it will be cutting the cost of sanitary products.

This means that from Monday 24th November, prices for a pack of sanitary products from the Shop – including tampons, sanitary towels and menstrual cups – will start at just 49p. The Union will make no profit from these sales.

The move follows a motion raised by Union Women’s Officer, Dolly Ogunrinde, at last month’s student council. Entitled “Sanitary Products Subsidy” it passed with only four abstentions.

The motion stated it was “unethical to charge for the upkeep of a natural bodily function” and proposed that the price of all sanitary products be substantially reduced.

The scheme intends to include all brands currently stocked at the Shop, including Always, Tampax, Co-op and ‘ethical alternative’ product Natracare.

Prices now start at just 49p

Prices now start at just 49p

The plan has been greeted with enthusiasm by students.

Third year student Elaine Barker said: “I am all for cheaper tampons! Mind you, I must have about a year’s supply at the moment… might buy them in bulk before leaving university.”


Dolly Ogunrinde said: “I am very pleased to see the motion I proposed in union council three weeks ago be passed and implemented so quickly.

“It is a disgrace that sanitary products are being taxed at the rate of a ‘luxury item’ when they simply are essentials for so many women.

“I am proud to say that the University of East Anglia is now selling them at no profit and feel that other student unions should follow suit!”

Vice President of UEA Feminist Society Bethany Bishop said: “I think it’s a basic right of any person who has periods to be able to access sanitary products.

“We do not choose to have periods and just like we get contraception for free we should be able to get basic health products at an affordable cost (though free would be preferable).

“People having to pay for having a vagina has gone on too long and I fully support Dolly in her fight to improve the situation at UEA.”

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