It’s time

With thousands of votes cast in the group rounds, it’s finally time to reveal your BNOC of the year.

The Biggest Name on Campus 2015 is…

Gerald Osei Mmieh


Gerald shot to the lead in his round with a whopping 50 per cent of votes, beating Emily Wolfe, Sam Milchem and Lucy Thacker. In the final round he pipped Thomas Rees to the post, winning by just 24 votes.

Gerald said: “I’m happy that people saw that I was a fun and genuine guy which was the response I got when speaking to people about it. I was completely oblivious and didn’t find out I was nominated until I saw the articles.

“I certainly didn’t expect to win. But to those who voted for me, thank you and I appreciate the nice words said to me. I’ll celebrate by cooking my ‘famous’ Jollof rice for everyone who voted for me so message me if you did.”